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deadsexymen's Journal

I Like It In Leather!
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This is a community run by sachkii dedicated to the sexy men of the world - Anthony Stewart Head, Alan Cumming, Seth Green, Orlando Bloom, Brian Molko, Davey Havok, Sean Bean, Mike Myers, Wayne Cambell, Garth, Nightcrawler, Stuart Townsend, Ian Mckellen. (More to be added, of course..........................)

There are, of course, rules. If these are not followed correctly, then I will send Nick after you with his Sexy Umbrella. You have been warned...

NO David Borenaz. I hate the guy! I abhor him even! He's disgustingly ugly and cannot act!

♥ If you want to post anything violently graphic, do us all a favour and lj-cut it? I'm not particularly bothered about anything, but other people might be (and obscene language makes the school filter block out the rest of ones livejournal page, 'tis quite annoying.)